Price List

Price List

About us – Komazawa Setagaya Body care salon Mominoki –

Osteopathic clinic Momi-no-ki

1-5-14 Komazawa,Setagaya,Tokyo 154-0012
Tamagawa build.II 1F
Phone# 03-6914-8088
Head of clinic: Massa Yagi

Tue-Fri10:00~13:00 14:30~20:00

Price list

※ Except as particularly noticed,sales tax(8%) add on the price.

Body-care/per 10minutes

2000yen / 20mins (refreshing in a short time,massage away the stiffness in partly)
3000yen / 30mins
4000yen / 40mins (intensive treatment for painful area)
5000yen / 50mins
6000yen / 60mins (for physical fatigue(whole body))
6500yen / 70mins (for physical fatigue(whole body) and treats partically)
7000yen / 80mins
7500yen / 90mins (for physical fatigue(whole body)and intensive treatment)
9000yen / 120mins (spending enough time to get rid of tiredness) Reasonable!

2000yen / 20mins (to the tiredness of head and brain)

2000yen / 20mins (treats for the eye sorrounding(with masks of eyes))

3000yen / 30mins (footbath,from knee and back of foot)
4500yen / 45mins
6000yen / 60mins (footbath,from knee,back of foot and lymphatic massage of calf

Treament of aroma
7800yen / 70mins (footbath and treats whole body)
Whole body
11400yen / 100mins (footbath,spending enough time to treats whole body)
13800yen / 120mins
3800yen 35mins (footbath,treats entire legs and back of foot)
1300yen / extention is every 10 minutes

For pregnant woman (Use body cussion)
3800yen / 35mins
7800yen / 70mins

Facial esthetics in beauty acupuncture
5700yen Mist+Acupuncture+Pack+Ultrasonic+kassa-massage